Catholic Schools Week begins Jan. 31  

    All Weekend Masses are outside in School Pavilion

Dear St. John’s families and friends:

Warmest greetings on behalf of our faculty and staff.  As 2020 comes to a close we are reminded once again of the fragility of life and how fast the world can be turned upside down.  We work and pray constantly for those who have lost so much and whose families are struggling in this year of pandemic and uncertainty.   However, one thing I have learned about our parish is that we always respond to adversity with strength, unity and love.  I can’t thank everyone enough for all you do, your faith and generosity is an inspiration.  Be assured, that although we may not always know where life will lead us, we can always be certain of God’s presence as long as we stay close to the sacraments.  

On Behalf of Deacon Malcolm, Fr. Peter, Principal Joe Filice and our wonderful faculty and staff, May the King of Peace fill your hearts and homes with hope, joy and peace.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  God bless you and your families.

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Brothers, I know not what new crosses await us during the coming year; but whatever they may be, let us not forget that heaviest crosses contribute most to the general good of our work and to the welfare of each one of us.  If we have hope we can be courageous in the midst of trial; know that the darkness of night is always followed by the dawn.  

Fr. Basil Moreau, Founder Congregation of the Holy Cross


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