Our Committees & Councils

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is composed of the Clergy (Pastor, Deacon) and a diverse group of Lay Parishioners, appointed by Pastor Father Sean Rogers. These may include:

  • Liturgical Ministers: Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Greeters
  • Spanish Community Ministers
  • Music Ministry - Choir Director
  • Art and Environment Committee member
  • Parishioners with longevity in the Parish
  • Catholic Organizations (such as St. Vincent DePaul, Knights of Columbus)
  • Parishioners involved in Business and leadership
  • Staff Members
    • Director, Music and Liturgy,
    • Spanish Ministry Director
    • Parish Administrator

The purpose of the PPC is to provide:

  • Support for Parish operations including the Liturgical seasons of the year,
  • Religious education in the School and Parish, and
  • Input for the Pastor Father Sean Rogers in the development of the liturgical programs and environmental activities that support the annual seasons.

This PPC meets at least quarterly and more often to:

  • Plan and evaluate events for ongoing development,
  • Enrich Parishioners’ experience in Faith Formation, and for
  • Development through effective use of music, liturgy and other related activities.


  • Father Sean Rogers, Chair
  • Deacon Malcolm Barrack
  • Patrick Flanagan
  • Denise Comb-Youssef
  • Mary Lou Jones
  • Vicenta Vega
  • Nancy Seppi
  • Mary Clare Anderka
  • Bobby Platt
  • Ray and Celia Palacio
  • Carolle LeMonnier
  • Susan Matheny

Parish Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee (PFC) is composed of a diverse group of Parishioners with experience in business, finance, and leadership, appointed by the Pastor Father Sean Rogers.

The purpose of the PFC is to provide support for

  • financial management of the Parish with input for strategic planning with project management oversight,
  • financial policy development,
  • annual budget development, and
  • periodic oversight of financial performance of the Parish.

This committee meets at least quarterly and more often to

  • review financial reports,
  • evaluate and approve financial policies, and
  • provide input for communication to the Parish Community.


  • Father Sean Rogers, Pastor
  • Deacon Malcolm Barrack
  • Mel Amato, Chair
  • Rick Norman, Secretary
  • John Osmer, Vice Chairman
  • Will Seppi